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World History

I have the kids read a few pages from Hirsch's book and answer the questions. Older kids can do reports on selected topics of interest to them.

There are a number of approaches to teaching history. A standard approach like the Oak Meadow combined English/History syllabus or the Abeka books has the child read a text and do various activities (writing, research, questions etc.). Others have the students read biographies, historical literature and original sources (Sonlight, Beautiful Feet, Greenleaf, Robinson CD's etc.) You can check books out of the library for your child to read and put together your own history courses for free.

The Hirsch material is so interesting and thorough that I believe you could use 3rd-6th grade books for the 7th and 8th graders who are just coming in from public school or who haven't had a good history education. I started my 6th grader in the 5th grade book and wish I had started him back in the 3rd grade book.