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Math Rescue

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Math Rescue won the 1993 SIA "Best Educational Game" and has been used by teachers and parents for the last 15 years. It is a follow up to Word Rescue. Suitable for young and old who like side scrollers and who want to brush up on their math, it has plenty of silly word problems.

The Gruzzles are stealing all the numbers! It is up to you to explore, slime gruzzles, solve arithmetic problems and explode garbage trucks (which are being used to cart off the numbers). Collect cool prizes, replenish buckets of slime and rack up points while you practice your number facts.

Choose to be a boy or a girl. No Gruzzles were harmed in the making of this video game! They were slimed and taken off for a bath.

  • Math Rescue Episode #1 (shareware: MR1ins.exe)
    • Click here to download (about 396k).
    • 12 4-way scrolling levels
    • customize 3 difficulty levels: 6 and under, 6-9, 9-12
    • choose addition, subtraction or both
    • choose silly word problems, number problems or both
    • choose to play as a girl or boy

  • Math Rescue Trilogy (Episodes #1, #2 and #3)
    • Get all 42 exciting levels
    • Explore towns, forests, volcanoes, undersea, caves, candy land
    • Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or all
    • Get 300 silly word problems
    • infinite number problems
  • Math Rescue Plus
    • 45 new levels
    • 100 new silly word problems (and 200 from the trilogy)