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Privacy Policy

Redwood Games never shares your information with anyone. Your financial information is guarded by Paypal and we never, even see it. Although we may some day send out email to our customer list, we haven't done that yet. If we ever did, we would send only a few emails in a year (if that).

Redwood Games never, ever sends any kind of spam. However, I've gotten spam that says it's from Redwood Games - because spammers will put any known domain in the "from" block. If you look at the header source of the email, though you'll see that it is from some country like Rumania or Korea and not from our IP, which is located in the US.

Redwood Games never, ever sends any attachments. Your games are delivered via a link on our website. The only exception to this is if we are having an email conversation and you ask for a file and know that I am sending it to you. (Which has happened maybe 4 times in the last 17 years!) So unless we've been chatting via email and I've told you I'm sending you something, don't open attachments. (Of course you're going to open the link I send you when you buy a game - that's different and not an attachment.)