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About Redwood Games

Redwood Wins Awards

  • Math Rescue won the 1993 SIA "Best Educational Game"
  • Word Rescue twice nominated for the SIA "Best Educational Game"
  • Rescue the Scientists won the "Innovations in Multimedia" award in 1995
  • Redwood Games received the 1996 "Outstanding Achievement in Educational Software" award from the Educational Software Cooperative
  • Pickle Wars was nominated by Ziff Davis as one of three best action games of 1994.
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Redwood Games has a secret Agenda!

Redwood pioneered the concept of gender neutral games with their story lines that support both male and female protagonists and with the option of choosing to play either.

Author, Karen Crowther, president of Redwood Games, has shown that computer games can be cool and exciting without promoting violence.

"We have a secret agenda," confesses Karen, "We want to create games that are exciting, visually beautiful and action-packed while at the same time convey the message that diplomacy is better than gunfire and that gender stereotypes are passe."

Sure, the bad guys get theirs, but with Redwood Games they are apt to be "slimed" and in need of a bath, rather than Uzi'd and in need of an undertaker. Heros and heroines (and there are equal numbers of each), create wonderful explosions, outsmart devious aliens, pour slime on Gruzzles terrify aliens with vegetables and do battle with out- of-control fiendish devices, all without permanent harm to living beings.