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Word Rescue

Word Rescue

Word Rescue twice nominated for the SIA "Best Educational Game" is a DOS based games which has been used in schools and by kids for an entire generation. In this side scroller game, you (a girl or a boy) match words with pictures while jumping over waterfalls, sliming Gruzzles (who get taken away for a bath) and collecting prizes for extra buckets of slime and points. This was the first game ever made in which you got to pick whether to play as a girl or a boy.

The game is suitable for some kids as young as 4 and best played by kids learning to read. Pressing "W" in the arcade scene brings up a list of words paired with their pictures, so non-reading kids begin recognizing words and actually learn to read while playing the game.

  • Word Rescue Episode #1 (shareware: WR1ins.exe)
    • Click here to download (about 335k).
    • 15 4-way scrolling levels
    • customize 3 difficulty levels: 4 and under, 4-7, 7-10
    • match words with their pictures
    • pop-up help for pre-readers
    • choose to play as a girl or boy

  • Word Rescue Trilogy (Episodes #1, #2 and #3)
    • Get all 45 exciting levels
    • Explore towns, castles, caves, forests and haunted houses
    • Get 300 word-picture pairs

  • Word Rescue Plus
    • 45 new levels
    • same word-pictures as the trilogy