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I have the kids read out of Hirsch's book, answer the worksheets and then work on memorizing the locations of:

  • The continents (2nd grade?)
  • The States (4th grade)
  • Countries of Europe and Asia (5th grade)
  • Countries of the World (6th grade)
  • Capitals of major countries (7th grade)

They use one the computer programs listed below for about 10 minutes per day until they think they are ready to be tested. Then I print out one of the Virtual Tourist's blank maps, give them a list of the states or countries with abbreviations and they fill in the names on the map as a test.

Then we go to the library and each child chooses a country that they want to study and we check out the Enchantment of the World book on that particular country. Older kids can write a report on some aspect of their chosen country. Resources: